Throwing out the Brownies

I must be getting ready to eat right again because I just threw out the brownies! Hurray for me! Now believe me, this is something I hardly ever do, throw out delicious food, but I just don’t think I can eat another. The only problem is that I bought myself the “Perfect Brownie” pan for Christmas to go with my new heavy duty stand mixer (700 Watts from Cooks). I bought a new rolling pin, new cake and pie pans too. I was really in to baking this holiday season. Oh, and I enjoyed it sooooo much too. Well, I really know the BEST diet plan available and believe me, I’ve been on them all. To think I found this on TV. The 6-week makeover diet I think it is. You have to jump through hoops, like answering all these questions and then find your specific diet plan through all they send you, but after you find your specific pages, IT REALLY WORKS! I found this a couple of years ago when I needed to lose 25 pounds. I lost it and kept it off for quite awhile, but then decided to “go crazy” a few months ago and actually gained 25 pounds. Now do you ever wonder why 25 pounds can come on you in a weekend, yet it takes 250 years to lose it again? Okay, I exaggerate, but it really seems like that. The point of this plan is to eat 6 small meals a day. You get protein, lo-carbs, fruit, and veggies, but depending on what type of eater you are, those foods are eaten in certain amounts and at certain times of the day. You really don’t get hungry on this plan, but then hunger has never been a prerequisite for me to overeat. Anyway, I still haven’t committed to eating this yet because I have an idea to try first. It seems to me that if I just cut out all the desserts, cookies, cakes, pies, brownies and candies that I have been eating on a daily basis, I might lose pounds, what do you think? I say all this, but at the same time I am well aware that my attitude, thoughts and beliefs play a huge part in the state of my body. That, however is for another post. Positive affirmations have played a major part in making positive changes in my life and using them in this weight loss endeavor can only help. I’ve been thinking about different affirmations to use. I find that simple ones, used in repetition are best for me. Something like, “my body is the perfect size for me” or “My food nourishes me and creates my perfect body.” During my last weight loss I repeated “I weigh 140 pounds” all the time and especially just before I stepped on the scales and one day I weighed 140 pounds. I also like to sing songs like Karen Drucker’s about my healthy body, every little cell in my body is well. So more on that later, I just wanted to post that I think it’s time for a change.

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