Truly Living our Bliss

The word “happiness” seems to be popping up every where I go, on the internet, in blogs, in church, in conversations.  I’ve been thinking a lot about it.   The word “happy” seems like such a silly little word that we banter about, toss back and forth and use in such simplistic ways.  For me, that word doesn’t go as deep as perhaps the word “joy” or “bliss” or “ecstasy.”  Those are the words I would choose when I want to talk about that feeling of total and complete connection to all the good that there is.

I want to talk about the concept of  “I will be so happy when….” you finish it.  We’ve all said it, me especially.  I believe that we have it backward.  I truly think that we first have to make a decision to be “happy” or “joy-filled” (whatever you choose to say) and then all the really truly good things that we are searching for will come as a result of the happiness.

When we think we need something new, say a car, a new house, a dress, a haircut, a relationship, etc., we are expecting these things to create the happiness.  What we are really searching for by acquiring these things is the end result of a happy life.

We need to realize and remember that our joy or happiness doesn’t come from the outside in, but from the inside out.  It starts first by going within to that secret place of the most high, that place that we all can get to when we stop what we are doing for a minute, stop the noise, relax, take some deep breaths and block out of the busy-ness of the day.  It’s getting centered with God, the Universe, your Source, Divine Intelligence, whatever you want to call it. We actually get to a place of peace beyond all understanding.  Even though the joy is always there, if we don’t connect to it, we sometimes forget that it even exists or that we have a divine right to it just by virtue of the fact that we exist.  We are spiritual beings experiencing life in our human bodies, but that doesn’t mean we are now separate from our Source.  We are always connected, but sometimes we have to WAKE UP to remember it.  This is what brings about our true bliss, joy, happiness.  From this place, every wonderful thing in the Universe that we desire shall be added unto us.  Now I call that truly living our bliss.

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  1. Wonderful post – I am SO with you on this.

    Happiness is a choice we make not something that happens to us as a result of things outside of us – (of course they can help! 🙂 ) But ultimately if it doesn’t stem from inside, then all the outside panaceas will just offer fleeting satisfaction.

    I am so glad that “I will be happy when. . .” is no longer my mantra, I would have missed out on all the joy that can be found right here, right now.

    I love – “Even though the joy is always there, if we don’t connect to it, we sometimes forget that it even exists or that we have a divine right to it just by virtue of the fact that we exist.”

    Beautiful! 🙂

  2. Ellen Beeton

     /  March 8, 2010

    Thank you so much Susannah for your feedback. Looks like we have a lot in common. I agree, I’ve spent a great deal of my life looking to outside circumstances to be just “fine” before I can be fine. Even though I still sometimes go there first, I much more often STOP and remember who I am and whose I am. Life really is great. I really appreciate you!

  3. Chris

     /  March 9, 2010

    I agree that true happiness comes from within but external sources such as family,friends and their outlook can certainly affect mine. I am at my best when i can share my outlook with a friend for instance if I am sad I can lean on them and if I am happy I can share it with them.

  4. Ellen Beeton

     /  March 9, 2010

    Chris you are absolutely right. My family, friends, pups, surely add to my happiness, but they cannot make me happy if I don’t allow it. I have to have that reservoir within me first. Just like I don’t have the power to make anyone else happy. But, I definitely feel my joy to such a stronger level when I’m with my favorite people. We need each other to share and enjoy our lives with. I’m not talking about the co-dependent need, I’m talking about that inter-dependent need. I totally agree.


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