Changing my Vocabulary for the Better

I talk a lot about changes and changing my behavior and thoughts.  Probably because doing so has created an entirely new way of living for me.  One of the most important changes I have made is in my vocabulary.  My former vocabulary included phrases like, I’m not feeling good, I’m tired, I ache, my back hurts, I can’t afford it, I’m broke, I can’t have that because …, poor me, I wish I could …, why can’t I, I never get to.   You know what – those words were true – BECAUSE I BELIEVED THEM TO BE! Yes, I did hurt all the time, my body did ache, I was broke, I never had what I wanted, AND, as long as I continued to confirm those things about myself, I let them continue to be true.  It’s only been in the past three years or so that I realized what I had been doing to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, you still might hear me say these things from time to time, but I’d say at least 75% less than in the past and it’s lessening as time goes by.

My new vocabulary includes phrases such as I am so blessed, I’m feeling better than ever, I have everything I need or want, life is good and it just keeps getting better, I’m so excited about …., I’m living my bliss, thank you God, what a beautiful day, and I’m so happy.  AND, guess what, it’s true!

When I came to the realization that I was a co-creator in my life and I really did have that much power, I had to make changes.  Like I said before, it didn’t happen overnight, but as time went by it got easier and easier.  Especially when I saw the effects of my efforts.  It was easier to say I feel good when I was feeling so much better.  I discovered that ill health wasn’t just in my body, it was a way of life. I don’t know why or how I got Fibromyalgia or a bad back, but I do know that I suffered terribly because of my thinking.  My doctors, as well meaning as they were, would tell me that I was an invalid now and I should act like it.  I should not do as much as I was doing, I should rest, I should be careful, all the shoulds!  As soon as I bought into that, I actually got worse!  It wasn’t until I could no longer stand the pain that I searched elsewhere and began to recognize that I had the power to make a considerable progress in the way I felt.

Having a positive attitude makes all the difference in the world for me.  People say that it’s hard to be positive while they are in pain. Believe me, if anyone knows that it is me.  I think the only advice I can give about that is to say something like,

Even though I may in a pain right now, I know that I have everything I need right now at this moment, my body was created whole and healthy and there is no reason that it can’t be again, I’m expecting and accepting the great health and wholeness that I know is within me.  I know that each day I’m creating healthy new cells in my body and I am excited about feeling better and better each day. I know that my Source has given me a radiant healthy body and I am ever so grateful for it.

That’s a good start.  It gets easier each day, I promise.  You will see the changes.   I no longer take medication, I feel good most of the time, I’m gentle with myself and try to live my life as positive as I can. I don’t fight for my limitations by trying to sell everyone (and myself)  on why I can’t do something.  I know that  –   Life IS good and it just keeps getting better!

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  1. What a wonderful post Ellen!

    Talk about synchronicity! – I was just talking to someone on another blog about something and I wrote – ” I personally know how quickly reality can change when we do! But it is everyones personal choice to take that step – others can show the way but can’t do it for them.”

    The vocabulary issue is SO true and sometimes I have even been known to wince when I hear people speaking – at times I think I got a bit too vigilant with family! 😉

    Our bodies have amazing powers to ‘self right’ if they are given the right conditions and beliefs.

    What we focus on is so important – gratitude brings more to be grateful for – like attracts like!

    A really great post – I am with you all the way!

  2. Ellen Beeton

     /  March 11, 2010

    Susannah, I told you we were on the same page! I know first hand how we can’t do it for them. I’ve been trying to control situations for years! Nuff said about how well that worked out. Thanks and please know that I’m grateful for you!


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