My Electronic Stimulator

I’m wrestling with my electronic stimulator today. I always have difficulty charging it. I’m sitting in a very still, non-movable position in order for this to work.

Let me give you some background on this. About 4 years ago I had back surgery. I guess it cured my achy back, but I couldn’t tell because it left me in more pain than I’ve ever known before. That’s saying a lot since the fibromyalgia was so bad in the past that I was in a wheelchair because I could no longer walk. I even had to go on disability. Needless to say, I know about pain.

I told my doctor that I now had pain starting from my bee-hind all the way down my leg. They thought it was muscle pain and I spent quite a lot of time in physical therapy and the pool. All this was to no avail. They were completely treating the wrong thing. I spent 4 and a half months in my recliner chair, basically crying and in pain. It never let up.

Two things happened, I heard a little voice telling me to call Dr. Brooks who is a pain specialist that I had used with good fortune in the past. The other little voice told me not to give up (even though I already pretty much had).

I found my church, Christ Church Unity, and I saw Dr. Brooks. My favorite doctor of all time asked me why I hadn’t come to him sooner. Who knows. Within a few minutes he knew exactly that it was nerve damage and gave me an injection into that nerve and I was well!!!!

That injection lasted over a year. Had a couple of more which lasted for several months and finally the day came when I was told that I needed an electronic stimulator for pain.

After much thought, I agreed. This is where a very interesting part of the story comes in. You see, I couldn’t sit up in a bed for more than 30 seconds before the pain would start. After my surgery I found myself sitting up in bed with no pain. BUT, the electronic stimulator had not yet been turned on! I told my surgeon that whatever he did worked because I no longer had any pain. He advised me that it was certainly impossible because he inserted the stimulator far away from where my pain originated, that he hadn’t even gone near that area. No matter, I no longer had pain and didn’t really need the stimulator.

My doctor advised me that I needed to keep the stimulator charged because there would certainly come a day that I would need it.

Let me tell you the horrors of charging this stimulator. I CAN’T DO IT! It is the most difficult thing I have ever done. I just can’t find the right place to hold the charger and when I do, I just barely breathe and it stops working.

Needless to say, I gave up on it and the battery ran completely out. Several months later, they called to see how I was doing. I explained that I still had no pain and that I wasn’t using it. Oh my gosh, you would have thought I committed a felony. So off I went to the office to have it charged by the experts. I was told to keep it charged once a week.

After two weeks of messing around with this thing, I gave up.

This brings us to today. I still do not have any pain on the right side, which is where it was before, but I’m starting to have the same pain on the left side. I saw my favorite doctor and he told me to use the stimulator. Uh-oh, I let the battery run out. So here I sit, in a very difficult position, doing what is known as a trickle charge and trying to get the darn thing working again. I’m wondering if I will keep it charged this time.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words on my Phoenix Daily Photo site. I hope you are able to make the move soon. I think you will love it in Arizona.

    I have a sister living in Missouri. She actually moved from Arizona to Missouri about 6 years ago. She lives in the country near the town of Mountain Grove.

    Thanks again. I’m glad you are enjoying the bits of Phoenix that I show on my site.

  2. Ellen Beeton

     /  October 20, 2010

    Hi Sharon, thanks for coming to “visit” me. Yes, I’m sure we will love it there. Your photos are amazing. We originally come from southern California. We moved here also about six years ago. We live just outside of a little town called Lebanon, MO. We are also in the country and I think we aren’t too far from your sister. Small world. It is truly beautiful here and we needed the change to get out of the stress of the hectic life we were in. Now we want the city life again. Decided not to live in CA, it’s more expensive and we are retired. $$ will go farther in Arizona, yet we won’t be that far from the children and grandchildren. I also have a few friends in the Mesa and Peoria areas. Your blog has done wonders for me in “picturing” my move. Just need to get our house sold. Thanks again, Ellen

  3. Hey, Ellen – thanks for visiting my blog!

    So, you’re in Missouri, too! I’m just a bit north of you – in a suburb of Kansas City – but will be moving to Florida in the next year.

    Hubs and I have seven kids between us, as well – AND a shih-tzu…do we have a lot in common, or what??!!


  4. Ellen Beeton

     /  October 20, 2010

    Oh Sherri, I just love your blog. Interesting how we have so much in common. My son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren live in Liberty. Is that close to you? Wow, we are trying to move to Arizona, but it’s a difficult time to sell the house. I’m sure the right person will show up at the right time. I’m hanging on to that.

  5. Ellen,

    You are going through all this pain but taking time to leave me a lovely comment that brightened up my entire week?!


    Please be well. Try to keep that thing charged! 😀

  6. Ellen Beeton

     /  October 22, 2010

    Hi Jess, I appreciate your visiting. I really love your blog. In-joy your bliss!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m glad the pains on the right side are gone. Hope and pray your don’t get down on the left side now! Charge that puppy up. Have a great weekend.


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