November! Changes!

It’s November!!! Ah the Fall, only 88 degrees today. I’m wondering if I will ever be able to wear my many beautiful autumn sweaters. Surely by December.

I had such a great time with all the ghosts and goblins last night! Fun to see the dads, dressed in shorts and t-shirts walking their children around. We moved from the country (where we had absolutely no trick or treaters) to a neighborhood filled with little adorable children.

So many changes since we moved to Arizona last January. The weather, the city life, traffic, so much to see and do. Don’t get me wrong, I loved living in Missouri, the beautiful Ozarks. The GREEN of it all! That is one thing I surely miss, besides the seasons (well, three of them anyway). Our front yard is one of only two on our whole street that has grass. The others are decorated in rock. They look nice, but I miss the green. Then there is the snow….. So beautiful in pictures. Nuf’ said.

I am reading blogs, lots of blogs, and I find myself gravitating to those from folks in the country. I guess it will always be a part of me. This is really funny since I was born and raised in the big “city” in southern California. Anyway, that’s how I’ll get my country fix.

In the meantime, I’m in-joy-in this wonderful life of mine. So many things to do. Taking sewing lessons (really a refresher course), cake decorating classes, joining a book club, all the things I’ve wanted to do! I’ve applied to volunteer at the local elementary school. They really make a big deal of checking you out. I guess that’s a good thing. It takes time though. Looking forward to it.

So now I have to figure out how to use my new camera. I say “new” because I’ve never used it before. I got it for Christmas last year. It was supposed to be so simple to use. It’s one of those little mini video cams and a still camera all in one. You can hook it up straight to the computer to download for you tube or blogs, etc. I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!!!! Maybe I should read the directions. Anyway, I will post pictures of my finished products. Promise.

Always remembering, Life is good and I’m in-joy-in-my bliss.

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  1. Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for stopping by and paying such a nice compliment on my little mat. I need to mail it to my mother this week but I’m really enjoying it!

    I just read your last post (haven’t been blog hopping in a while now) and I’m happy for you. For me – I’m definitely living in worry on a daily basis. I’m trying to learn to live in the day though and it does help. It’s incredibly frustrating being my age and having to work so hard to survive and being surrounded by people so young that don’t know what it is to worry about their financial future. But I digress…

    Congratulations on selling your house – and at a profit no less!

  2. Ellen Beeton

     /  November 1, 2011

    Hello Phyllis! Thank you for stopping by too. I’ve just begun blogging again. I had missed it so. I very much relate to you about the worry department. I have lived almost my whole life there. It was “pack my bags” and move out of the state of worry or give up completely. It’s an extremely hard job and a long undertaking to basically stop the worrying or I guess let go of the fear of the unknown. It had literally ruined my body. I lived in constant pain for several years. I was at the very lowest point when I heard somewhere that I had a choice to worry or not. I can’t tell you how angry I was when I heard that. I thought it was certainly much easier for that person, they weren’t living my life. I ignored it for several weeks, but it kept haunting me. Suffice it to say, I made a choice – and I had to make it minute by minute because my head had a mind of its own! It was a very long journey – and I go back to it every once in awhile, but the most marvelous thing is, that I can now recognize it and make different choices. Sounds easy I know – but it’s not. My faith has helped in ways I never knew. Let’s keep in touch.

  3. Sounds like you have had a true life change! And a good one at that! Aren’t those little trick-or-treaters so cute? We didn’t have t-o-t this year because we didn’t have power. A few kids came but I didn’t answer the door. Long story. I really missed it though : (

    Wonderful that you are keeping so busy. It makes life interesting!

  4. Sounds like you have made some positive moves forward. Our City moved trick or treating to tonight after we lost power. I am interested to see how many kids we will find at our door.

  5. Ah Ellen! I found you. This is great you are blogging again and settling into your new surroundings creating a wonderful life for yourself. Living now in the high dessert, I too miss the intense green .. however, there are so many things I love about where I am now. You are so right about ‘worrying’. We definitely have choices. Not easy, as you say, but letting go of fear and living in the moment is the only way I can live (for the most part). So nice to be in touch again. Thanks for dropping into my blog and leaving your wonderful words. xxDonna

    • Ellen Beeton

       /  November 3, 2011

      Yay you found me. This will be a great way to keep in touch. I’ve got to tell you I’m so impressed with all you’ve done with your home. Love your pictures – and your art – well I can only say OMG!! What a talented person you are. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I haven’t yet got the hang of my new camera, but I’ve posted some pictures from yesterdays drive.


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