Day Tripping

I’ve said it before, as much as I loving living here in sunny Arizona, I still miss Autumn in the Ozarks. I miss the trees, the changing colors, and all that goes with it. So – Hubby, Sugar Plum, Meeka and I took a day trip to Flagstaff and then the scenic ride down through Sedona, Jerome and Prescott.
First of all, the weather was fabulous, about 25 degrees lower than here in the Phoenix area. We were about three weeks late for the true Fall colors, but it was gorgeous nonetheless.

Sugar Plum wasn’t the least bit interested in the ride, she would rather sleep.

Meeka was more interested, but she’s just too little to see out the window!

Look ahead! The mountains are in view. We are on our way!

Ah, the beauty of it all.

Look at this lovely road. I haven’t seen anything like this is quite some time.


Coming toward Sedona and the red rock.

We had a great day except for the car sickness I got from the windy roads. That’s why there are no more pictures! Sedona, Jerome and Precott were fantastic. Fortunately I have other photos of Sedona from past visits.

We arrived home safe and sound. The little ones in-joyed their day trip. A good time was had by all.