Quiet House

Thanksgiving is over.  My family has gone home and I feel rather lonely.  The house is so quiet, just hubby and me and our two little pups.  What a wonderful holiday it was.  Two of my sons and their families came.  We tried to get a good picture of all five dogs, but it was so hard.  When one would look, the other wouldn’t, but we had fun trying.

 I think this one is the best.

We remembered to get a picture of us at the Thanksgiving table (except one son who was taking the picture.)

Dinner was delicious and we are still eating leftovers.

Today after everyone left, I began taking down the Thanksgiving and fall decor.  Tomorrow I will start pulling out the Christmas decorations.  I love making new Christmas decorations and will probably make another wreath for the front door.  We aren’t putting up a tree though because we will be going to visit the family in California.

This is about my favorite time of the year.  There is something so warm and cozy about the holidays even though we don’t live in a climate where you would want to have the fire roaring and drink hot chocolate.  We make a habit of watching just about every holiday movie that comes on TV, whether we have seen it before or not.  My son was watching one with us this morning before he left and he said it was kind of cheesy!  Well of course!  The cheesier the better for me.

 I know the holidays can be really hard on a lot of people, those who have lost loved ones or are alone without family.  I feel truly blessed to be able to enjoy these days.  For me it’s about family, joy, love, friendship and of course faith.

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  1. You have such a beautiful family! Have fun putting the decorations up!

  2. glad you had a good holiday! it sure looks like it was fun especially for all the pups! i watch non stop christmas movies too. i have them on while i am cooking. i don’t care how bad they are, i love them! this is my favorite time of the year. it just goes by too fast!

  3. Many thanks for your well-wishes to Eva. I think she was happy and satisfied after all the walkies and treats on her barkday.

    Your family looks great and I’m glad you had a good time with your sons and their family too. Those dogs are lovely, I think it was a great achievement to have pictures of so many dogs together.

    Have fun with your winter decorations! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of it soon.

    Priscilla xxx

  4. Hi Ellen…You are so fortunate to have all your family so close at this time of year all the way through to the New Years! LOve LOve LOve the 5 amigos sitting pretty and doing the doggy thing. Your family is lovely and next time we’ll come take the picture so everyone can be in the photo…just sayin’!! Cheers!

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by and Ron, YES, come take pictures!!!

  6. What a lovely family! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. My computer ate your comment and question on the Country Ham Cheeseball. E-mail or comment again and I’ll answer your questions. I’m sure it couldn’t have been operator error. haha

  7. Great pictures. This was one of the best Thanksgivings I can remember in a while.

  8. Hi Ellen, I have thoroughly enjoyed you stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I also love the fact that your a dog lover. You can be anything you wanna be, and do anything you wanna do, but as long as your an animal lover, your ok with me! Lol. Anyhoo, I have been trying to follow you and I have been unable to. I see no google friend thing to join, and so far I have not been successful in the wordpress thing. Any suggestions?

    • Ellen Beeton

       /  December 1, 2011

      Hi Teresa! Yes, I’m a true dog lover. I can’t pass one up without petting, kissing and hugging them. My hubby is the same way. Sometimes I think people might think we are crazy! I think you can follow my blog by just clicking on the Follow me button. Give it a try and let me know what happens.

  9. I’m impressed by your photos of all the dogs together! I have read some of your other posts, too, and I especially love the old photos of your father and his family. It’s great that in spite of the financial hardships his family faced when he was young, he still found life to be full and happy.

    • Ellen Beeton

       /  December 1, 2011

      Aw, thanks a lot. I’ve really just begun blogging again and I’m enjoying the people I meet on here and following the different blogs. When I first saw your name, Blissed-Out Grandma, I felt a kinship to you because I feel exactly the same way. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I love families where the dogs are important enough to be part of the festivities.

  11. Looks like a wonderful holiday you shared together 🙂


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