Baking! Great Grandchildren! Fun!

Thursday we are going to southern California to spend Christmas with our family.

Really looking forward to spending time with these little treasures.

 Great grandson, Deegan and great granddaughter, Leila.

Can life get any better than this?

Started baking today, made many many mini pumpkin loaves.

Got loads of them wrapped in foil and in the freezer.

The kitchen just kept getting messier and messier

Of course I need my stool to sit on when I get too exhausted to stand.

 Made dozens and dozens of cookies, chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, peanut butter, and sugar cookies

Oh the kitchen got messier and messier.

Well, everything is packed away.  The kitchen is all put back together.

California here we come!!!!!

Life is Good.

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  1. You look far too young to be a great grandmother! What cute Great grandkids…I am sure you will have a great time with them. Your treats look so yummy too!

    • Ellen Beeton

       /  December 13, 2011

      Thanks! I think I’m too young too. Truth is – I started early, my son started early and my granddaughter started early. Guess it runs in the family. Love em to bits.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Ellen! Beautiful grandchildren and the goodies look delicious!

  3. I felt right at home in your kitchen. Your great grandchildren are beautiful. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  4. The children are just adorable! I hope you have a wonderful visit! We spent last Christmas with our only grandchild , Caleb. We will not be able to see him this year as it is the turn of other Grandparents. Last year was very special and the best Christmas I had experienced in a long time. Children make the holiday so special. Have fun!!!!

  5. Have a wonderful trip and a Merry Christmas! 🙂

  6. Janette Merino

     /  December 13, 2011

    I think I gained 5 pounds just reading that!!!

  7. I don’t have any grandchildren…only grand-dogs! What fun you must have had doing all that baking! Sure looks YUMMY!! Have a safe trip and a Super Fun time!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return! Christmas in California sounds wonderful!!

  8. have a great trip and a wonderful holiday. there is nothing better than being around little kids at christmas time! i need grandkids!!! your kitchen looks organized compared to mine! mine looks like a cookie bomb went off in it!

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Trip to California is going to be Wonderful for Christmas. Don’t for get the Cookies!!!
    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.
    XXOO Diane

  10. Yummmy! Can I come too!?

  11. YUM! I can just smell it all now! Those grand-babies are dolls, of coarse, so are the dogs, just incase I haven’t told you 🙂


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