I’m Wondering Why

I do a lot of blog reading.  I enjoy it.  I follow people who are amazing.  Some people are so talented, whether it be through their culinary skills, their decorating skills, craft ideas.  Some are so hard-working I can’t even keep up with them.  Because I am such a dog person I follow blogs about dogs and some written by dogs.  They just make me smile.

Today as I was blog hopping, I happened upon two different blogs in which each young mother lost her very young child to an incurable illness.  As I read each entry, I just cried and cried.  I couldn’t imagine their pain, nor did I really want to.  One thing struck me though – in both instances each mother spoke of feeling so blessed, even in their grief.  They were not bitter nor angry at God, in fact they each felt so grateful that their child was free from pain and sprouting their angel wings.  I saw their strength and it amazed me.  They saw the blessing in these little (too short) lives they had been given.

Then I went to Facebook.

Over and over there was entry after entry indicating how life just sucked!  Yes, really!  This and that happened  – woe is me, my life is awful.  Why me, over and over.  It’s so hard, etc.  I tell you, I was actually sick to my stomach.


I’m wondering why.

Why do some stay positive through the worst that life has to offer and some see only the negative in every situation in their life.


 Of course there are as many answers as there are people, and I wouldn’t be so bold to answer that for anyone else but myself.  For me it’s a matter of getting out of my own way, recognizing the Christ presence within me and doing my best each day to live life from that point – NO MATTER WHAT SHOWS UP.  Interestingly enough, since I’ve been doing that, what’s been showing up has been pretty darn good.  Coincidence? I think not.

These little girls make me happy every day.

I guess it’s all in how we choose to greet each day.