What to do…

Little Sugar Plum has not been feeling well since last night.  Her only symptoms are that she is somewhat lethargic, and I think she is also nauseated because she keeps licking her lips.  She doesn’t want to get up and move around and she groans a bit when she does move.  She just looks so pitiful.  I even put on one of her favorite “necklaces” I made for her.  She still wasn’t very happy.

 She always wants to sit on my lap but not last night or today.  She wants to be left alone.

Late last night she was so listless, I was really worried.  We have lived here almost a  year, but as of last night I still didn’t have any idea where the all night emergency animal clinic was located or even if there was one near.  Then I remembered my new and improved IPhone.  I clicked the button and very clearly asked it the address and phone number of the nearest emergency vet.

The nice automated lady told me that she had two available for me and which one did I want.  Can you believe that?  I picked the closest and she automatically dialed it for me.


I got a chance to speak to the vet tech and was told what to watch out for.

It’s been a little unsettling since the vet called last week to tell me her blood tests were back and that she had a “severe” case of Valley Fever.  He said that she would be on her meds for quite some time or maybe forever.  He said it was not life threatening.  Of course I want her to have the best quality of life.  She also has a limp that he believed was from arthritis and not the Valley Fever.  He actually called my little baby a “Geriatric” patient!  When did all this happen?

Today she is a little better, but not near 100%.  She doesn’t even want to play “hide the rawhide” with Meeka.

 She just sat and watched.

Poor little Meeka had to play all by herself.  She just didn’t know where to hide it.

 Oh What to do!  Maybe over here in this mess.

Come on Sugar, help me!

I guess I’ll just hide it in this blanket for now.

Here are some of Sugar and Meeka’s “necklaces.”  There are actually two of each color so they can “dress” alike.

 These little ones really do bring  joy in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  I hope it’s the best ever.

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  1. So sorry that your sweet Sugar is not feeling her best … I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Hope your little Sugar Plum gets to feeling better! I just hate when my “babies” are sick and can’t tell me what is wrong.

  3. Janette Merino

     /  February 13, 2012

    Happy Valentines Day to you too!I hope Sugar feels better soon ,it is so hard when your babies get sick 😦
    I will say some special prayers for her today.

  4. Two things that I think are very sad, a sick child or a sick animal! I hope Sugar is well or at least much better soon! With cute little Meeka trying so hard, maybe she won’t be able to resist! I hope she feels better so you can have a Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Oh Ellen, I am so sorry poor little Sugar is sick. I can even see by her picture she doesn’t feel well. You can see it in her sweet little face. You live in an area where Valley Fever is common in dogs. The medication for it will most likely make Sugar feel bad before she gets better. The side effects can cause nausea and stiff joints. If she is limping I would suggest you ask your vet about an anti inflammatory for Sugar for the pain and also ask about her diet. Her medication may also keep her from eating well and it is extremely important for her recovery that she be on a very nutritious diet. I would suggest a raw food diet, such as Sojos or Honest Kitchen, it would be very palatable for her she would want to eat and it would make her feel better if she ate good. I know without a doubt how much you love your two little ones so I hope you don’t mind me putting in my two cents. Valley Fever is so common and difficult for some there are actually support groups for it! Give our little Sugar a big hug for me, I hope she recovers quickly and Meeka has her playmate back very soon! Happy Valentines Day to all 4 of you!

  6. tweedles

     /  February 13, 2012

    Oh Sugar Plum!
    I am soooo sad that you have the sickys and not feeling good. Your eyes look soooo sad right now. What can the matter be? Your momma is so worried about you and I am too.
    I will send some healing to you in magic bubbles. I hope they get to you soon and make you feels better so that you can play with Meeka.
    Meeka loves you too.
    Happy Valentines to you and your family.

  7. We are so sorry to hear that your little one is not feeling well!!! Chloe went through a day or so of that last week. Maybe they get a bug or a flu or something like we sometimes get! Sure hope she is feeling much better! Happy Valentine’s to you all!!
    xoxo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  8. I hope sweetie Sugar is feeling much better now and she will run and play happily with Meeka soon.

    Those ‘necklaces’ are so beautiful and they suit Sugar and Meeka so well.

    Happy Valentine’s to you too!

  9. So sorry,poor little Sugar,such a sweet face,I hope she gets better very soon.It’s such a worry when our animals get sick,if only they could talk and tell us what’s wrong.
    Hope you have a nice Valentine evening. :0)

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope Sugar is all better soon:)

  11. Awe, I hate it when my babies get sick. They can’t tell you anything, and it is so frustrating! I sure hope she gets to feeling better soon. Give her a huge valentine’s kiss from Soph and me.

  12. oh, poor baby, i hope you get to feeling better real soon!! i have never heard of valley fever before, i’m going to go google that next. oh, and i also love my iphone if i dont know where an address is or if i want to the find the closet restaurant and their ratings and reviews, all i have to do is look it up on my iphone.

  13. Ellen….I am so sorry about Sugar. It is the worst fears that we have when our beloved pets are not themselves. We watch and wait and then began asking questions as well as deciding when it is clearly time to see the Dr. I’m not familiar with Valley Fever…..is this something from the area where you live?

    Only you can know what you need to do as you are the one that knows your baby..geriatric…she’s your baby forever!

    Hope you can make a bit of cheer for Valentine’s Day and give all a hug and a kiss to remind them of how much you love them.

  14. Oh I do hope that your sweet Sugar Plum will feel spry as a pup soon. Happy Valentine’s.

  15. Oh poor little Sugar! I have never heard of Valley Fever….but you can tell she’s not happy. I hope you can find the right mix of drugs for her and that she stays strong until she gets through the worst of it. Poor baby. Hugs to all of you!

  16. Meeka

     /  February 14, 2012

    I hope Sugar Plum feels better soon. Hope you all had a wonderful valentine’s day.

  17. There is almost nothing worse than when your animals get sick. At least your kids can usually tell you whats wrong but dogs and cats can’t. I’ll be thinking good thoughts of Sugar and hoping she is on the mend by the end of today. ((hugs))


  18. FABBY

     /  February 15, 2012

    How awful, I hope Sugar feels better by now. Do you think is her stomach maybe? What kind of cutie dog is she? I’d love to have something like her, she looks tiny and I want tiny. We lost our beloved pug 1 1/2 yrs. ago and I miss him so everyday still. Hope she feels better. Thank you for your lovely visit, I so appreciate it. Hugs,

  19. Poor little Sugar. I hope she feels better soon. I would rather be sick than have one of my puppies ill. Keep us posted.

  20. FABBY

     /  February 16, 2012

    So glad Sugar Plum is better! I was sure Meeka was a Shitzu, but Sugar looked different a little, are they the smaller kind, or the toy kind? I heard there’s smaller ones than the regular size and that they’re very health fragil. My best friend Steph here always had Shitzus, I love them and she also had a Sugar that died many years ago. Hugs,

  21. Hope you feel better soon Miss Sugar Plum. It’s no fun to be sick…..sending healing vibes your way.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  22. Pip

     /  February 16, 2012

    Oh I am sorry sweet Sugar is not feeling well. I am not even sure what Valley Fever is, but I sure hope she feels better soon. I have arthritis,too. Mostly in my back legs. It bothers me more in the winter and cold.

    Sending lots of happy, healing yorkie wishes to little Sugar!

    Your pal, Pip

  23. OH THOSE PUPS…..ARE JUST TOO CUTE!!! BTW….I’m an AZ blogger also…nice to meet you. We are also RV’rs still doing it though….in the summers.




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