All is Well With the World

Just a quick post to announce that Sugar Plum is back to her old self again and all is well with the world.

I just knitted the girls their St. Patrick’s Day “necklaces.”   They have so many different colors already I’m surprised that they didn’t have green.

I took some pictures of the girls playing and wanted to share them with you.

 You can see that Sugar is able to chew on and play tug o’ war with her toys again.

Meeka wants to join in the fun too.

Silly doggy!

Mom, Meeka is trying to take my toy.  “No I’m not!”

Mom, I can’t find my toy!

Don’t ask me where it is.

 Okay, who has it?

I think I smell a rat!

I can tell by the look on your face!

 I found it!  All is right with the world again.

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  1. oh yay!!! i am so glad to hear that sugar plum is feeling better. they are adorable and so stylish in their st. patty’s collars! i think teddy is feeling better too though we have a way to go!

  2. Janette Merino

     /  March 9, 2012

    Aww look how happy she is now! Meeka is happier too! Hope you’re having a great week !

  3. So glad to hear that Sugar Plum is better. Their little green collars are just adorable!

  4. Sugar looks so much happier and so does Meeka having her sister back and playing with her! They look so pretty in their hand knitted necklaces, you spoil your girls Ellen! You are so talented, I wish I could knit like that!

  5. tweedles

     /  March 9, 2012

    Hi Sugar Plum and Meeka
    You two are so cute teasing each other! Your both adorable!
    I love your new little knitted necklace. The color is so beautiful on you!
    And Sugar Plum , I am so happy your all better.

  6. Yeah! So glad to hear that Sugar Plum is feeling better!

    Those green necklaces are gorgeous! Sugar Plum and Meeka are so lucky!

  7. Lovely pictures! (wonderful necklaces too!)

    So glad she is feeling better. x

  8. Meeka

     /  March 10, 2012

    That’s great news that Sugar Plum is back to her usual self. Isn’t it a relief when they’re back to normal and doing the crazy stuff that they do?
    Meeka’s mom

  9. Entertaining Women

     /  March 11, 2012

    Little Charlie Dickens asked me to tell you that he is glad to hear that Sugar Plum is feeling so much better. The knitted St. Pat necklaces are perfect! Cherry Kay

  10. Aww, aren’t they jsut the cutest!! Good to hear all is well again.

  11. Umm, spellcheck – – – just (duh)

  12. So cute! Glad Sugar is feeling lots better!!!

  13. That is great that Sugar is feeling better! Love those St. Patty necklaces!

    Maddy & Owen

  14. Awww, I didn’t know Sugar wasn’t well — glad to hear she is better though! 🙂

    Here are some extra woofs & hugs for both of you. 🙂

    ~Bailey (Yep, I’m a girl!)

  15. Love the collars. They look so happy.

  16. So cute!! Glad to hear Sugar is doing better, they make a great pair!!

  17. FABBY

     /  March 15, 2012

    So adorable!! I love doggies, wish I just got one after our pug Ben died 1 1/2 yrs. ago! Sugar Plum looks like she’s doing perfect, ha! Such cute pair and so playful, I really miss that fun…lucky you! Thanks for your lovely and sweet visit. Lots of hugs,


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