These Things Make me Smile

First of all, I want to say that I’m what you would call a very happy person.  It hasn’t always been this way.  As a matter of fact, I spent most of my life feeling very unhappy.  Oh I had many reasons why, which don’t need any explanation as I choose to put them in the past.  I no longer have a need to keep retelling my story and hanging on to all the reasons why life was not good.

If you know me now, you know that I have much joy in my life, hence the name of my blog.  I have a fantastic husband, wonderful children, step children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and two of the best pups in the world.  I’m rich in friendship,  and enjoy an abundance of all good things.  Little things bring me joy.

Having said all that…. I was wandering around the house today and looking at some of the things that make my heart smile.

I thought I’d share them with you.

I love my tea pot collection.

I got my teacart at a little antique shop in Missouri.  I love the picture of the tea cups and teapots above.


My coffee table in the living room

Here is another little table I love

Here is my guest bathroom.  My daughter in law put this  up on the wall for me –
“Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.”


This is in my office/craft room.

My mother made this cute little dress for me when I was 2 years old.  That’s 60 years ago!  On the side is a picture of me wearing it. Don’t you just love the rickrack?  I think it’s so darn cute.

Love my family pictures.  I have so many more I need to get up there.

 This is the guest bedroom.

I love the little shelf with the plate and little girls that match.  So adorable.

No blog post would be complete without….

 Sugar Plum and Meeka

 So these are just some of the things in my house that make me smile. I saved a lot for another time.

Have a most wonderful day!

Luncheon/Dessert Tablescape

Come join me for lunch!

I got these cute little luncheon plates at the Goodwill awhile ago.  I loved the purple in them so they were my inspiration.

Many years ago, so many it might have been in a different life, I was a Princess House consultant.  I still have all my Princess House crystal and wanted to use it with my purple dishes.

Goodwill is my new favorite place to shop.  Just on this table alone I got the tablecloth, the purple placemats,  napkins, napkin rings, tea pot, and the stemware piece in the center.

 I think it makes a very lovely sweet table.

For dessert, I served cupcakes which I decorated in cake decorating class.  They are not gorgeous by any means, but they were cute and I’m already getting so much better than this, but I’ll post them anyway.

Remember:  ALWAYS EAT DESSERT FIRST to make sure you have enough room.


Thank you for joining me.

Today I am joining Table Top Tuesday at A Stroll Through Life 

For this Wednesday, I will be joining Let’s Dish at Cuisine Kathleen

Crafts, Pups and Stuff

I told you I would show you, so here goes….

My first cake of this class.  It certainly isn’t perfect, but I had a good time.

Ha ha, cute huh!  We decorated cupcakes this past week.  Didn’t do too well on those, but I took them as a treat to our book group last night and everyone loved them.  I kept a few to put on my tablescape.

This coming week we are going to decorate another cake with the flowers that we will be making at home.

Well, enough of that.  However, I must say that it tasted good.  I had a couple of slivers (just to see what it tasted like) then I tossed it out.  I just can’t see eating a whole cake by myself.

On to my next hobby, sewing.  I finally got my spring table runner all together.

I had to lay it on my sofa as I just finished tablescaping my table (which will be in a future post).

 I love the way it all went together.  I can’t wait to do a tablescape using it.

If you remember my Christmas wall hanging (which it too large to hang so will go over the back of my sofa at Christmas time),  I am actually going to put these together at the same time.  I have all my materials to back them and quilt them so that will be at my next sewing lesson.  I think I might be a little better at quilting than I am at cake decorating.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my son’s cellulitis of his leg.  He was able to make it back to California from our house but ended up in the hospital for the next three days – which included his birthday!  Apparently it got much worse.  I have seen a picture of it and my oh my, it looked horrible.  So deep deep red and swollen.  I won’t share it because you really don’t want to see it, trust me.  He is home now and back to work.  He is a teacher and can sit at the front of the class with his leg propped up.

 Last but certainly not least, the latest pictures of my girls.

Sugar Plum, she always sits so nice when I want her to pose, although she wouldn’t smile!

Ha ha, here is little Meeka who decided her picture would be best taken lying down and ignoring me.  Silly girl.

Back to Normal

Just a quick note to say that it’s all back to normal now.

Son Brian, daughter-in-law Linda (along with one of their dogs, Pancho), and son David (along with this three dogs, Luke, Goldie, and Biscuit) came last week and left today.  I was so sad to see them go.

We were so busy having fun, sightseeing, playing games outside on the back patio, playing with the dogs, Goodwill shopping, church on Easter, movies, eating out, eating in, going to the movies,  BBQing and working around the house.  It’s so good when my kids come and help me do things I can’t do by myself.  I got new shelves in the TV room closet!  Now I can stack all my new treasures on them.  I got a book shelf put together for my office, we hung pictures, decorated hubby’s TV room, fixed the sprinklers, hung the rope lights around the patio, and so much more.  What a productive week.

It didn’t end well though because David woke up yesterday morning with a very bad infection in his leg, cellulitis.  He had a very high fever, a pounding headache and a throbbing leg.  He spent the morning in the ER for IV antibiotics and other meds.  He felt good enough to drive home today, but he’s still not well and his leg is still very swollen and red.  Even when our kids are full blown adults with kids of their own, we still worry about them.  I guess that’s what a mother’s job it, right?

So I’ll be back to blogging soon but first, I have to catch up with all the bloggers I follow.  I have missed everyone so much and can’t wait to see what’s new in everyone’s life.  See you soon!


Well, I promised pictures no matter what they looked like!

On Monday night I went to my first cake decorating class.  I took this same course about a year ago and didn’t do too well.  So I’m trying again.  Tonight there was a lot of instruction on making the proper icing for the cake, for the flowers and for other decorations.  We learned lots of little hints that I didn’t hear about last time, so I’m feeling good about this instructor.

We only used one decorator tip for making stars.  We practiced and then applied our “skill” on cookies.  We were told to bring six.  I bought 12 because I knew I needed a little extra help.  Yes, I said bought.  I wanted them to be round and not the strange shapes my “round” cookies turn into.  We also learned a tip for getting round cookies!

Anyway, here are my results.  I’m so glad I can’t hear you laughing at my mess!

Those top two are my attempt at bunny ears!!



I tried to make them pretty by putting them under glass. 

Next week we are to bring in a cake (which I will bake) to decorate.

 I might have bitten off more than I can chew though.  Hubby and I are in the midst of taking this great class on prosperity at church.  Since next week will be our 10th and final class, we were asked if any of us wanted to bring a treat for a little party.  I said I would bring my cake that I will be decorating.  Gosh I hope it looks okay.  I’m pretty sure it will taste good though and luckily there will be other yummy desserts too.

A few posts ago I showed you the fabric I got for my spring table runner. It went much faster on my second attempt at quilting. I cut out everything and I’ve completed two of the five squares. I have to sew the other three together. Here’s what they look like so far.



  It’s really going to be pretty I think.  I’ll take pictures when I finish it and post them.

Since my family is coming in tonight for the week,  I might be too busy to post for a few days.  So, I’m wishing you all a very joyous Easter filled with lots and lots of love, friendship and great food.

More Easter Stuff

Hubby and I volunteer at church every Thursday.  We are actually called “Service Angels.”  Generally we fold the handout for church the following Sunday.  We usually have about 10-15 people show up so it doesn’t take long.  We have to tri-fold 1500 handouts.  We also do anything else that might be needed in bulk.  We stuff envelopes, well, just all kinds of things.

This week we stuffed Easter eggs for the children’s Easter Egg hunt.

 Some of those darn little eggs wouldn’t close!

 We expect about 500 children so our little fingers were working as fast as they could.

We loaded container after container.  I can’t wait until Saturday to see how the kids do.

 So I already posted my Easter tablescape, but here are some of my little decorations around the house.

I got this cute little Easter tablecloth at the Goodwill (of course).

Actually, I got the basket, the crystal candy bowl and the beautiful  spring candle holder at the Goodwill too.

The Lennox vase we got as a wedding gift.  The little bunny came from Walmart.

 This cute little table is the first thing you see in my entry way coming into the front door.

This shelf below, which I just painted, holds some of my cute decorative plates.  It is just above this little table.


 I also wanted to show you my new candle holders I got, guess where from!!!

Yep you are right, the Goodwill!

These are on my counter by my table.

Aren’t they pretty!

 Well that’s about it as pictures go.

I’m so excited for tomorrow because my son and daughter in law, Brian and Linda, are coming for the week.  The Saturday before Easter, another of my sons, David, will be coming for the week.  Their visits are going to overlap so we can all get to spend Easter together.  They are bringing with them three granddogs for the visit.  Sugar and Meeka love it when their furfriends arrive.

 Life is certainly GOOD!