More Easter Stuff

Hubby and I volunteer at church every Thursday.  We are actually called “Service Angels.”  Generally we fold the handout for church the following Sunday.  We usually have about 10-15 people show up so it doesn’t take long.  We have to tri-fold 1500 handouts.  We also do anything else that might be needed in bulk.  We stuff envelopes, well, just all kinds of things.

This week we stuffed Easter eggs for the children’s Easter Egg hunt.

 Some of those darn little eggs wouldn’t close!

 We expect about 500 children so our little fingers were working as fast as they could.

We loaded container after container.  I can’t wait until Saturday to see how the kids do.

 So I already posted my Easter tablescape, but here are some of my little decorations around the house.

I got this cute little Easter tablecloth at the Goodwill (of course).

Actually, I got the basket, the crystal candy bowl and the beautiful  spring candle holder at the Goodwill too.

The Lennox vase we got as a wedding gift.  The little bunny came from Walmart.

 This cute little table is the first thing you see in my entry way coming into the front door.

This shelf below, which I just painted, holds some of my cute decorative plates.  It is just above this little table.


 I also wanted to show you my new candle holders I got, guess where from!!!

Yep you are right, the Goodwill!

These are on my counter by my table.

Aren’t they pretty!

 Well that’s about it as pictures go.

I’m so excited for tomorrow because my son and daughter in law, Brian and Linda, are coming for the week.  The Saturday before Easter, another of my sons, David, will be coming for the week.  Their visits are going to overlap so we can all get to spend Easter together.  They are bringing with them three granddogs for the visit.  Sugar and Meeka love it when their furfriends arrive.

 Life is certainly GOOD!

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  1. Those eggs are not easy to stuff and close. I just finished helping do a bunch of them also. I love all your Goodwill purchases. Enjoy your kids and granddogs.

  2. What fun it’s going to be watching all the little ones on their Easter egg hunt!


  3. Barb

     /  April 3, 2012

    Your home is looking so lovely. Have a very blessed Easter and have lots of fun with your family.

  4. tweedles

     /  April 3, 2012

    Doesn’t it feel so good to help out like you both do?
    Everything is so pretty!
    Have a good time with your family.

  5. bichonpawz

     /  April 4, 2012

    I miss those times … when the kids were little and we had so many fun activities planned! We are just going to brunch this year. Hope you and your family have an awesome visit! I bet all the dogs will have a blast!!

  6. Ellen your home shows how well you “nest”, full of lovely things created with love. I always enjoy visiting your blog because of that reason ❤


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