Well, I promised pictures no matter what they looked like!

On Monday night I went to my first cake decorating class.  I took this same course about a year ago and didn’t do too well.  So I’m trying again.  Tonight there was a lot of instruction on making the proper icing for the cake, for the flowers and for other decorations.  We learned lots of little hints that I didn’t hear about last time, so I’m feeling good about this instructor.

We only used one decorator tip for making stars.  We practiced and then applied our “skill” on cookies.  We were told to bring six.  I bought 12 because I knew I needed a little extra help.  Yes, I said bought.  I wanted them to be round and not the strange shapes my “round” cookies turn into.  We also learned a tip for getting round cookies!

Anyway, here are my results.  I’m so glad I can’t hear you laughing at my mess!

Those top two are my attempt at bunny ears!!



I tried to make them pretty by putting them under glass. 

Next week we are to bring in a cake (which I will bake) to decorate.

 I might have bitten off more than I can chew though.  Hubby and I are in the midst of taking this great class on prosperity at church.  Since next week will be our 10th and final class, we were asked if any of us wanted to bring a treat for a little party.  I said I would bring my cake that I will be decorating.  Gosh I hope it looks okay.  I’m pretty sure it will taste good though and luckily there will be other yummy desserts too.

A few posts ago I showed you the fabric I got for my spring table runner. It went much faster on my second attempt at quilting. I cut out everything and I’ve completed two of the five squares. I have to sew the other three together. Here’s what they look like so far.



  It’s really going to be pretty I think.  I’ll take pictures when I finish it and post them.

Since my family is coming in tonight for the week,  I might be too busy to post for a few days.  So, I’m wishing you all a very joyous Easter filled with lots and lots of love, friendship and great food.

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  1. I think they look wonderful! My cakes typically look as if my 4 year old did the decorating, but they taste like a grown up made it. You win some, you blame some on your small kids. 😉 But your cakes look great! Awesome job!

  2. Well your certainly staying busy! Your cookies look great, and that cake will be beautiful! I am sure of it!!!! Have a great Easter week-end.

  3. Oh I like your bunny ears! They look so beautiful in the display! I took a three hour cake decorating class with my mom once and we had some difficulties as well! But it was a lot of fun!

  4. Barb

     /  April 4, 2012

    Your cookies look very yummy!!! Plus your table runner will be so pretty. I gave up quilting for cross stitch. I did hand quilting and it got too hard on my fingers!! Have a joyous Easter!

  5. Never took a cake decorating class, though I remember my Mom learning somewhere how to make frosting roses. Can I eat one of those cookies? They look good!! And I’m absolutely sure your cake next week will look just fine..and taste even better! Love the quilting. I don’t think I have enough patience to do that, though I always thought it looked kind of neat.

  6. tweedles

     /  April 4, 2012

    Everything is so beautiful! Now we want cookies!

  7. Oh dear, the cookies are so beautiful and they look so yummy! I like to bake cakes but have never attended any cake decorating class before. I love to see beautiful cakes with colourful cream and beautiful designs on top of the cake but I don’t really like to eat the cream as it always seems too sweet for me.

    You’re so talented!

  8. i’ve always wanted to take a real life cake decorating class. i usually get my cake/cookie decorating lessons from watching martha stewart, lol. also, i have bought those big thick wilton books, the ones that tell you what icing tip does what-i think i’ve done pretty well on my own, but it would help to have expert advice. your cookies looks so yummy btw!

    melissa (yuki’s and rocket’s mom)

  9. Nice job on your quilt squares!! And I applaud you for taking a cake decorating class. I’d like a cookie, please!

  10. Janette Merino

     /  April 5, 2012

    Yum!!! I suddenly have a craving for your cookies!
    They look so Yummy! I bet they all got eaten by now…..
    The quilt squares look Fabulous too! Great work!!!
    I hope you are enjoying your company and Easter too!!

  11. bichonpawz

     /  April 7, 2012

    I think you have done a great job on both the quilting and the decorating!! I just got one of those Cricut Cake Mini things, but have not yet tried it. My favorite thing would be to EAT those cookies!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  12. Meeka

     /  April 7, 2012

    Hi Ellen,
    Thanks for checking up on Meeka. She’s doing well.
    Don’t underestimate your decorating skills, those are lovely. Not sure if you’re familiar with this blog – Glorious Treats. You may want to check it out, she does cookie, cupcake decorating and arts and crafts. I love seeing her projects though I’ve never made any yet.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Meeka’s mom

  13. I think your cake will be lovely!
    Your runner is going to be beautiful!

  14. Now THOSE cookies look delicioussss!! 😉

    Woofs & hugs, ❤

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  15. FABBY

     /  April 13, 2012

    Those cookies look adorable and good too! You are one talented gal and now for the patch work quilt, wow!! Thank you for the lovely visit, and have a great weekend. Can’t wait til I see your cake all decorated too. Hugs,

  16. akalauni

     /  April 18, 2012

    Oh, my goodness. Look at YOU! Lovely quilting there my friend. My daughter owns her own quilting pattern design company and I’m the one she can’t get to quilt. Looks too scary to me!. Good job. :}


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