Back to Normal

Just a quick note to say that it’s all back to normal now.

Son Brian, daughter-in-law Linda (along with one of their dogs, Pancho), and son David (along with this three dogs, Luke, Goldie, and Biscuit) came last week and left today.  I was so sad to see them go.

We were so busy having fun, sightseeing, playing games outside on the back patio, playing with the dogs, Goodwill shopping, church on Easter, movies, eating out, eating in, going to the movies,  BBQing and working around the house.  It’s so good when my kids come and help me do things I can’t do by myself.  I got new shelves in the TV room closet!  Now I can stack all my new treasures on them.  I got a book shelf put together for my office, we hung pictures, decorated hubby’s TV room, fixed the sprinklers, hung the rope lights around the patio, and so much more.  What a productive week.

It didn’t end well though because David woke up yesterday morning with a very bad infection in his leg, cellulitis.  He had a very high fever, a pounding headache and a throbbing leg.  He spent the morning in the ER for IV antibiotics and other meds.  He felt good enough to drive home today, but he’s still not well and his leg is still very swollen and red.  Even when our kids are full blown adults with kids of their own, we still worry about them.  I guess that’s what a mother’s job it, right?

So I’ll be back to blogging soon but first, I have to catch up with all the bloggers I follow.  I have missed everyone so much and can’t wait to see what’s new in everyone’s life.  See you soon!