Birds and Dogs

I can’t believe that it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted.  Where does the time go?

It certainly hasn’t been because I’ve been busy.  In fact, just the opposite.  The heat here in Arizona makes it difficult to be what you’d call active.  Hubby and I have been spending our early mornings out back watching the birds.  Yes, that’s about as active as I can be in the heat.  We have been having the very best time!  The weather is perfect early in the morning.

Sugar Plum insisted on waking me up at 5:15 almost every morning.  She just wants to play fetch and tug o’war.  After a few rounds of that Meeka is up and we go for a little walk.  I recently read about someone’s beloved dog dying and he said if he could do anything any different, he’d let his dog sniff more, that his dog always wanted to stop on their walks and sniff everything.  That really hit me so I’ve been letting them stop and sniff a lot more.

Speaking of the girls, here is a couple of before and after pictures, yesterday before the groomer and today after the groomer.  Since it’s so hot here, I asked them to trim them down quite a bit, but not so much that they could get sunburn.

Meeka before

and after

Sugar before

and after

You can tell they feel so good because they are running around in circles and having a great time.

Such cuties.

Yesterday we sat and watched a bird build a nest in the tree.  I can’t believe how patient these birds are.  She or he, whoever builds the nest, would fly down on our block wall, look around then go off to get one little scrap or twig.  She would then come back to the wall and sit for a few seconds and then go into the tree to place the scrap.  A moment later, she would come out to the wall again, sit for a second then fly off for another little tiny scrap, then back to the wall, as if to show us what she had this time.

I took pictures, but since I am NOT a photographer, they are not the best.

Here she is on the wall before she gets her scrap.

Here she is with a little scrap

She is building the nest in the tree right there, with each little tiny piece at a time.

We watched her for a good hour and a half.  I believe she must have been busy all day.

What fun we had.  Nature is a wonderful thing.