A Doggone Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is on the horizon.  One son and his three dogs are here, another son and his family will be here tomorrow.  I wish all my children and their families could be here to celebrate, but we who are here will have a most wonderful day just the same.  The granddogs are having a great time with all the new scents and sights over here at grandma and grandpa’s house. Good old Luke (age 14 this month) just wants to sit by his Daddy. He’s completely deaf, but gets on just fine. What a sweet guy.

Sweet, sweet Goldie, age 6, has been having a great time exploring the backyard.

Darling year old Biscuit is quite the cuddler, very busy too.

 On the home front…

Sugar and Meeka are loving tolerating the company.

Have a doggone Happy Thanksgiving!

Granddog Biscuit – What Have You Done!

Biscuit, where are you?  Can’t you hear me calling you?  Don’t tell me you are out in that mud again!

Oh my, Biscuit, what have you done?

Oh Biscuit, is your tummy full of mud too?

Look at that tummy!!!

Well, bath time for you!

Sugar is not feeling so well.

Well, what do you know! My little Sugar Plum has Valley Fever. The good news is that it’s not contagious so Meeka shouldn’t get it. The other good news is that she should recover. The bad news is that it takes a long long time, could be as long as a year and a half of twice day medication. Hard to believe.

I notice everything my little “girls” do. Sugar coughed a few times last week. I took her right to the vet. He put her on antibiotics, but she continued to cough and lose interest in eating. Back to the vet we went. This time she had a chest x-ray. There was a quarter size gray spot in her lung. The vet says that Valley Fever is all over the area. People and animals can get it from the environment. It’s from breathing some sort of spores in the air. At least we don’t give it to each other.

Sick little girl, staying nice and cozy.

I’m sure she can’t wait to go outside and play again.

Sugar is a special little girl. She was born on 9/11/01. In the midst of tragedy, our precious pup was born. We took her home on 11/5/01, exactly 10 years ago today. I can’t remember our life before Sugar and Meeka. They are a true lesson in unconditional love.

Always remembering that Life is always Good, no matter what might be showing up at the moment.

In-joy-in my life!

Granddog Goldie’s smile

Hey Goldie, can you smile?



That’s my girl.