A Doggone Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is on the horizon.  One son and his three dogs are here, another son and his family will be here tomorrow.  I wish all my children and their families could be here to celebrate, but we who are here will have a most wonderful day just the same.  The granddogs are having a great time with all the new scents and sights over here at grandma and grandpa’s house. Good old Luke (age 14 this month) just wants to sit by his Daddy. He’s completely deaf, but gets on just fine. What a sweet guy.

Sweet, sweet Goldie, age 6, has been having a great time exploring the backyard.

Darling year old Biscuit is quite the cuddler, very busy too.

 On the home front…

Sugar and Meeka are loving tolerating the company.

Have a doggone Happy Thanksgiving!